Mann Saga


The Lughnasa Festival goes terribly wrong

We woke up at midnight to realize that a large group of people was ascending the mountain. A short talk with Sterym, Mt Snaefell’s spirit, revealed that this is the annual celebration of the Lughnasa, the harvest festival- a horde of teenagers ascends the mountain on august 1st each year, and participates in an all night binge of wine, food and nudity.

While the celebration itself seemed harmless, towards sunrise, we heard shouts and screams which seemed suspicious. Young boys and girls were running downhill, stampeding everything in their way. Daire and Roch went uphill to check things out and found a young boy and a young girl’s bodies amidst broken clay bottles and torn clothes.

Daire suspected an activity of a Jezinka, an evil fairy that lures lovers and eats their eyes. It seems like the festival created a temporary portal for this fairy, allowing it to travel from its regio into our world.

An angry mob came up from the village of Laxey. They seemed to think that the covenant is responsible for the foul act. However, Gilno was able to put their mind to rest.

It seems like three more teenagers are missing. One of the girls ,running away from the murder scene , claims that the missing three ran away from the Jezinka and disappeared. We believe that they ran into the regio.

While trying to reveal the entrance to the regio, Daire fell into Twilight. During Twilight he came to the realization that reproducing the night’s binge drinking will open the entrance to the regio once again.

We’re off to find the youngsters.


GurArieLivniAlcasid GurArieLivniAlcasid

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