A small, sturdy, hairy fellow. In first sight he looks like a kid, but he is too hairy for that


Water… all around me… murky water… I can see a few green patches – trees? Bushes? Something grey is approaching, blocking the view…

I’m in a dark place… I think I can hear some voices… the light is coming near… it’s muddy all around… water… water everywhere… even coming from above… a greyish patch is growing big, and I can’t see…
Can it be my first rain?

I can’t see much… my hands are barely visible… all is grey… I’m trying to move ahead, but a darker grey is formed out of the light grey and it is blocking me… It has black stains on the sides, and they move fast. Can it be Carc?

I’m playing with stones, skipping stones on the murky waters. Carc is standing beside me, as always. He is getting excited, hopping into the air, screaming. He wants me to get in the cave. I follow him…

Björn was always part of the marshes. He was always there. He doesn’t have any family but Carc. Carc is the one who taught him everything. Even how to speak Manx, But that was much later. In the first years, Carc guided him, fed him, helped him, watched him and made sure he will survive the dangers of the swamp. For the first few years, Björn was never alone. Growing up, he started playing with the other inhabitants of the swamp – mainly frogs, birds and a few cats. He even started treating them when they got injured. Having hands was quite handy…
Bjorn always liked to stroll, and as the years gone by, he started traveling further. During one of his longer strolls, following some bird of interest, he got to a weird place, with a circle of stones. It seemed to him that he can see stairs going up. The stairs were a bit hazy, or maybe even unreal, and he wasn’t sure if he really saw it or if he’s hallucinating. In any case, he decided to climb the stairs. And climb he did – those stones were huge for him. He got into the weirdest place, where a naked giant herded huge cows. He made friends with all of them, and he started visiting them regularly. Each time he visited, he could see the stairs more clearly. Since then, he discovered that he can sometimes see things others cannot.
Carc realized that though the swamps are quite deserted from fear of the dragon, Bjorn is bound to meet other people on one of these trips, and he started teaching him the human tongue – Manx.
When he got older, Björn indeed saw other people, but as the animals around got frightened by the mere sight of the people, Björn fled them as well, and hid himself. However, when he was about 25, a stray sheep got lost in the swamp. His animal friends called him, and he rescued her and led her back to her herd, where he met the worried shepherd. They became friends, and he became a shepherd himself – and a good one. In fact, quite fast he became known as a marvelous shepherd. His herd was always the calmest, No sheep got lost, not even one sheep fell to praying wolves, his was always the healthiest herd, etc. He also got known among the other shepherds as a great healer of sheep. He always knew what’s wrong with them, and he got very skilled in healing them. And not just sheep – he honed the basics skills he acquired in the swamps and learned how to tend a wounded creature – be it an animal or a person.
In the course of 5 years, he became the king’s own shepherd, living in the hills with his herd. People from all around came to him, bringing with them their injured animals. Sometimes they brought their injured children as well. Even wild animals came to him when they were wounded, and he always treated all, and wished nothing in return.
Over the years, rumors started to spread, saying he’s half animal or maybe a sorcerer, But his childish, innocent looks, his good nature and naivety and above all his readiness to help anyone in need earned him the respect of the surrounding people.
But in fact, the rumors held some truth. Not only could Björn talk with animals, but he could also assume Carc’s shape. He could concentrate and turn himself into a hooded crow! And as he used it more and more, he found out he can assume additional animal forms…
For the locals, it seems he was always there. And he hardly seems to change either. He still looks like a child, both in his height and his features. But when you consider his hairy – almost fury – body, or when one looks into his eyes, it is obvious he is older than most people around. He always has some kind of a cap on, and when asked about it, he just laughs, saying it’s his lucky charm.

Rumors has it that he used to work for the king, but became a spy for his brother and is now wanted by the king – dead or alive.


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