Donnan Hoppringle of House Verditius

A short, thin lad in a kilt, with penetrating brown eyes that seem to be taking you apart for inspection.


Sigil – All of Donnan’s spells are accompanied by the faint sound of gears ticking. The duration depends on the spell.


Donnan Hoppringle was born to the Hoppringle clan, on the northern slopes of Ben Klibreck, overlooking Loch Naver. His father died in some battle or accident, he’s not quite sure, but he has no memories of him, and feels no real kinship to a man he has never known. His mother raised him alone, working hard for the clan in order to get enough food for them both, since he was always looked at with dismay. She taught him to be self sufficient, but her attempts to make him a strong lad in order to defend himself were never realised due to his preference to sit and watch the world around him rather than run around and have mock sword fights with other kids his age.

Since a very young age he was attracted to anything mechanical, trying to grasp the principles behind them. This did not improve the rest of the clan’s opinion of him, although when he started making exquisite wooden crafts the mood changed somewhat, especially when he gave them as gifts.
At the age of 8 he started realising he could see things that other people in the clan could not. Some plants would glow in the light of the full moon, certain spots on the mountain would seem to be not quite there… Everyone knew there were fairies on the mountain, but when Donnan actually saw one, no one seemed to believe him. He seemed to be the only one to notice those little fey, and they in turn seemed to be certain that none of the humans will notice them. He started following them, making sure to seem as though he was just walking about, and realised that the fey seemed to be gathering around those special places in the mountain, and sometimes they would vanish there. He saw them collecting all kinds of trinkets, and gathered that they like shiny and fascinating things.

When the blacksmith’s 4 years old son went missing, most people thought he fell down some crevice. Donnan wasn’t sure, but he figured he couldn’t help much in the search anyway, and therefore went to all the places he’s seen fairies before. After two days, when hope was starting to disappear from the hearts of the worried family and the search was winding down, he cam upon the child in the possession of a large fairy, which seemed to favour the child as a play thing. The fairy was angry at being disturbed and refused to give back the child, but luckily Donnan had one of his wooden toys with him, and he displayed it to the fairy. It was so intrigued, in agreed to exchange the child for this new curiosity, and thus Donnan came down the mountain with the unharmed child, to the delight of the blacksmith and his wife.
From that day on, he was the blacksmith’s favourite. He was immediately pronounced as apprentice blacksmith, a most coveted position, and the blacksmith would threaten anyone that seemed to molest him. Due to his small size and weak arms, he was not able to be of much use for the heavy blacksmith work such as forging swords and shields, but he was found to be amazingly adapt at making intricate creations. His standing with the clan people started to increase, and his mother also had her life somewhat easier.

But this good turn did not last very long. Not long after he turned 10, a large army from the Sutherland clan, on its way to one of the many fights with the MacKay clan, raided the village and obliterated it. All of the men of fighting age were put to the sword, the women raped and murdered, and most of the children and elderly did not survive either; nothing useful was left intact, either. When the army left, what was once a clan of several hundred people became a few old refugees trying to take care of about 30 children as they tried to make their way to a friendly village. Not many of those who started the journey made it to the end, and when they finally found a friendly clan willing to take them in, it was at the condition that they become part of the clan. It was the end of Clan Hoppringle.

A few weeks later arrived a young Magus by the name of Siobhan Filia Paitric, sent from the covenant of Insala Canaria to examine the refugees from the massacre for gifted children. After some gold changed hands, he had plenty of cooperation, and was led to the quarters of the newly adopted refugees. He quickly recognised Donnan as a carrier of the gift, and without too many explanations took him with him back to the covenant. Donnan, who has become rather numb after the attack, didn’t resist. At the covenant he was further examined, and Fingal Gillies of house Verditius gladly took him under his wing as his apprentice. At first Donnan was passive, but after Fingal slapped him to get him out of his apathy and then showed him what was before him, Donnan quickly snapped out of it and began to focus. Under Fingal’s tutelage, Donnan learned quickly, mastering the art of enchanting items through studiousness and hard work.

Donnan Hoppringle of House Verditius

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