Edith ex Flambeau, parens of Philip

A calm, big boned, smiling maga


A dark skinned, white haired, big boned maga.
Her familiar is a a dark female raven called Jillian.


One of the oldest and wisest woman in House Flambeau, Edith is a calm, big boned woman. Though she does not look young in the order’s terms, she actually does look young compared to her real age as she is older than most magi can even imagine.
The sigil of Edith tells a lot about her. All her spells produce a strong rose like perfume with a smell rising into a nearly spicy odor. She also signs her letters with the stamp of a thorny rose.
Edith is a caring, loving and patient woman. However, her motherly love and care tends to be too much for most as she tends to push herself to an extreme point of sympathy and empathy. By some, and always behind her back, she is called a meddler and her actions are nicknamed- a bear’s hug. However, most magi consider her a true mother figure within the covenant and the house.
Wise and caring as she is, Edith tends not to be a part of the order’s political schemes and feuds. Her main concern is the wellbeing of her apprentice (she always has at least one) and her fili. She does provide support and help to her covenant’s members and the comrades of her house, but this is usually done with complete disregard to political affiliations.

Edith ex Flambeau, parens of Philip

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