Piobeen MacCree


Piobeen MacCree
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +2, Str +2, Sta +1, Pre +1, Com ‎-1, Dex +2, Qui ‎-2
Size: ‎-1
Age: 36 (30) | Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Confidence: 1 ()
Virtues: Affinity with Ability (Craft (Tinsmithing)), Clear Thinker, Covenfolk, Piercing Gaze, Premonitions, Puissant Ability (Craft (Tinsmithing)), Second Sight, Strong Faerie Blood (Dwarves), Strong-Willed, Tough,
Flaws: Greater Malediction (No Heart*), Ability Block (Social Skills), Offensive to Animals, Small Frame, Driven (Major), Temperate,
Personality Traits: Calm +2, Discreet +1, Humorous ‎-3
Dodge, Init.: ‎-4, Attack: , Defense: ‎-2, Damage: , Range: N/A,
Fist, Init.: ‎-4, Attack: 3, Defense: ‎-1, Damage: 2, Range: N/A,
Kick, Init.: ‎-5, Attack: 2, Defense: ‎-3, Damage: 5, Range: N/A,
Warhammer, Init.: ‎-4, Attack: 8, Defense: ‎-2, Damage: 14, Range: N/A,
Soak: 13
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: ‎-1 (1-4), ‎-3 (5-8), ‎-5 (9-12), Incapacitating (13-16), Dead (17+)
Abilities: Isle of Man Lore* 4 (Faerie), Awareness 4 (Mechanical Devices), Brawl 5 (Fist), Chirurgy* 2 (Horses), Concentration 3 (Tinsmithing), Craft (Tinsmithing) 5+2 (Mechanical Items), Craft (Blacksmithing) 4 (Horseshoes), Manx 5 (Logic), Profession (Tinker) 3 (Mechanical Items), Swim 2 (Seashore), Faerie Lore* 2 (Dwarves), Premonitions* 4 (Faerie), Second Sight* 5 (Regiones),
Encumbrance: 2 (4)


Ye don’t know who Piobeen MacCree is?! Bah! He’s probably the best tinsmith on Man and the Isles. Maybe the best in the known world, save for them dwarves, I mean. The man has talent. But mark me words, talent don’t come with no price, ehh?!
Got his heart cut out, you see. Them dwarves did that to him. Did that to his parents more likely. The word be that they made some deal with the small ones. Making a deal with them dwarves is easy. Paying is what keeps a man awake at night, ain’t it?! Well, them folks didn’t pay, and whad’ya know, them dwarf kind ain’t the sort to stay on the wait, are they?! Took the kid’s heart, took his soul! Gave him talent instead.
Well, He be wandering without a heart ever since. Wandering and looking for one, that is. See, he don’t cry over nothing. He don’t love anything or anyone. Never saw him touch a brew, eat more than one should. Some call him trustworthy on account that he won’t covet your money or your wife. Damn straight he won’t covet them, he covets only one thing, you see?! He covets coveting. By your stupid face it seems like you think that’s funny, eh?! Well, don’t be thinking that next to him. He don’t find that a joke. Fact is, he don’t find anything a joke.
Where to find the man? Eh, don’t care much about him, But rumor has it he’s in that new settlement, under Mt. Snaefell. Them wizards decided to build a home there, you see, right on the slopes of the old mountain. They say he worked up some black bargain with them spell weavers. He hammers the anvil for them, forging some nasty crafts for them and they will make him a new heart.
Poor bastard. Talent don’t come with no price, you mark my words.

Piobeen MacCree

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