Roch McLin

Companion and half-brother to Daire


Roch is son to Banb and Lin Drumdeen, lord of Drumdowney Hill faerie fort. He was sent by his parents to safeguard his half-brother Daire when King Mannanan ordered that the human-boy should be returned to the Human realm.
Besides hiding the fact that he is of the faerie-folk, Roch had one more dark secret that he shared with his brother – Daire is a Lycanthrope, turning into a vicious wolf every full moon. Roch had to keep this secret, and his brother safe at all costs.

His first year in humanity was spent in an orphanage with Daire at Kilkenny. After that Daire was taken by Grayforest covenant, and Roch remained to wander Irland by himself. On holidays he was allowed to visit his brother in Grayforest – strangely, Lady Aurnia, Daire’s Parens, suggested the old Pagan holidays known to Roch, and not the Christian ones which were strange to him. She also knew about Daire’s and Roch’s secret Lycanthropy and relieved Roch from his duty until he was needed again.

During his 15 years alone Roch had to learn how to survive in human environment. He had no work, and couldn’t keep one anyway as he was too capricious and unexpected for most humans to handle. He was however very resourceful in way of getting his food, drink, clothes and many other comforts of life. Actually he found he was rather enjoying manipulating the humans and achieving his goals in ways that although did not hurt them, were certainly not legal or moral in their view. He enjoyed human life on the “margins of society” – the pubs, taverns, inns and bars, the gamblers, petty thieves and bandits – these people and establishments were the main source for his income. But most of all he enjoyed human women. Although any woman who had a warm bed was a good fun for Loch, he especially enjoyed the rich and noble ones or the ones pretending to be pure and pious.
One day a note was given to him by a stranger. It was sealed by a bulla with the stamp of Lady Aurnia. The note said he should go to the Drunken Viking inn (a small lair close to the Daire’s covenant) for the arrival of his half-brother Diare.

Roch McLin

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