Banner of Turgesius

A wooden bloodied shield among blood red torn flags


Worth 14 corpus and vim faery vis.
The banner has magical properties that are active only under the influence of a Faery aura. Under any other aura it is a mundane object with no special powers:

  1. If wielded by a faery, the banner grants the wielder a +2 pretense to “single weapon” ability.
  2. Three times a day, the wearer can cast an enhanced version of Aura of Ennobled Presence (ArM5, page 145), which has a Range of Voice and a Target of Group, augmented to include 100 individuals.
  3. +1 Affinity Modifier to its owner if trying to raise an army in a faery aura.

It is well known that viking lords carried magically imbued standards to battle in order to raise the moral of their soldiers. Some famous banners are the crow banner of Ivar the boneless and the banner of Sigurd the Stout of Orkney.
According to Eudokia, the powers of the standard manifest themselves because a powerful faery being imbued some of its own life-force into the standard. If the vis will be drained from the banner, this being might die.

Banner of Turgesius

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