Chronica Regum Manniae et Insularum

A summae on the chronicles of the Isle of Man. Quality: 10.


The Chronicles of the Kings of Mann and the Isles.
Kept at Rushen Abbey.
Level: 5
Quality: 10


A medieval Latin manuscript relating the early history of the Isle of Man.

The main part of the manuscript was composed and written iin Rushen Abbey on the island.

The Chronicles are a look back, year-by-year from 1002 over the significant events in Manx history of that time. Written in Latin, it records the island’s role as the centre of the Norse Kingdom of Mann and the Isles, and the influence of its kings and religious leaders, as well as the role of Rushen Abbey itself – which was founded at the invitation of Olaf, one of the Norse kings.

Entries for the earlier years are notably shorter than those towards the end of the original section of the manuscript, no doubt due to later events having occurred within living memory of the time of writing, and thus more detail being available.

Chronica Regum Manniae et Insularum

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