Philip's Diary


A letter to Edith ex Flambeau, winter 1221
Following the news I told you on our last meeting, there were a few developments. I hope Daniel (another magus of our covenant) already told you some of them, but in case he didn’t, I’ll repeat the more important developments.
So, First things first, we founded our covenant, Avius Conlis, and I hope that this time the covenant will thrive.

After I came back from the tournament, I studied Roger’s diary thoroughly, and discovered some amazing facts about what happened to their covenant, about the fate of Roger himself, and about the Order of Odin.

It turns out that the vitkir (Odin’s magus) they faced was indeed a formidable foe, and brought their demise. He used some sort of Rune Magic that can penetrate magic resistance. One of the other magi here found a tractatus Roger wrote about this rune magic, and he says that making a sword sharper by using a Rune on it leaves it non-magical and thus unstoppable by Parma Magic, might etc. At first I didn’t believe him, but he showed me the relevant parts and after reading Roger’s diary there’s no doubt. It seems it changes the very essence of the sword or maybe creating a new item – Rune-Sword that is still mundane.

The good news is that those runes can be used as some kind of an arcane connection to the caster. Spells cast on such a rune may affect the caster. I’m not sure about the penetration benefits.
And some better news yet – another magi here thinks he read somewhere of such a Rune that was cast by king Rognald himself. I
f we can only convince him to join the order – maybe the Bonisaguses can imbed the Rune Magic into our magic and overcome the limit of essential nature! Oh, that can be so great! Think of the possibilities!

I went to see one of the ceremonies that Odin’s priest is running. It is the “new year day” or something like that. It is called “yule”. Anyway, the king attended, and there was definitely magic involved. Both the priest and the king got into a trance. It was such a heresy!
The ceremony was held in a circle of stones, and during the ceremony I saw some runes shine on the stones. After the ceremonies I went to check, and indeed there were carved runes on the stones, but it seems they lost their power.

After reading Roger’s diary I spent the fall inventing our aegis, just to be on the safe side. The Order of Odin might be our prime concern, but definitely not the only one.
First, there are 3 dragons living on this island – one of them even ruined the covenant of Samhach Creag.
Second, my colleague went on an adventure where he came across a magus named Hustass (of house Flambou I’m ashamed to say). This Hustass attacked another hermetic maga who interfered with his plans. Later he openly threatened my comrade and our covenant.
Third, I’m not yet sure how did the third covenant died (the covenant of Dearg Fánán) so there’s possibly another foe.

All in all, things are OK so far. We have very competent members in our covenant (even if not all of them) and I’m sure that together we will overcome what obstacle comes our way!

All the best,

Spring 1221
I went to a few ceremonies that were held by Odin’s magus. Only one of them – the “yule” of the new year, attended by the king of man himself, seemed to involve magic. It’s really very interesting.

Following what Gilno remembered about a possible important arcane connection, I found out there’s a sorcerer named “Mimir” in the aIsle of Eigg, in a village called Cleadale. I decided to go there, but Rolof says we have to wait for the summer before we can sail over there.

I dedicated this season to better my understanding of magic itself. The problem is that Bonisagus’s theory can’t deal with rune magic. Still, I think it was helpful.

Summer 1221
We went to the aIsle of Eigg, to find out where Mimir hide what we’re looking for.
Apparently, Mimir is a child that has “the gift”! He can create phantasms waving his hands.
He has a great respect in the village, but it seems they also fear him, and whenever a new “Mimir” is born, they kill the previous one!

In order to meet Mimir, the village head asked us to get some sacred item from the remains of the monastery – the spearhead with which st. Donnan and his followers were massacred.
We found it, but it turned out to be possessed by a demon. The demon now serves Jean Michelle. We decided to take it back home, to destroy it.

This poor child is held all day long in an underground cellar, With only books to keep him company. He has an impressive library and though he’s only 8, he read a lot. He even has two books about the order – one of them was written by Trianoma herself!
The second one was written not 5 years ago by Alfonso and Thabita; two seekers that went missing two years ago, looking for an “old one” – volva I believe she is called.
He said he’s content in this cellar, reading his books, waiting to get his head chopped off when a “new Mimir” appears. But when I asked him about the order he seemed really happy and said he would gladly join the order! I have to set him free soon (before another one is born and he’s executed). He would also trade these books for books with maps. I took a lock of his hair and a stone from that cellar as arcane connections. It might come handy.
On the down side, it seems he doesn’t know anything about what we were looking for. But I think we might have another clue. Mimir is the name of an ancient Nordic god that had some well, and maybe a certain volva knew where it was. So, I might go after Alfonse and Tabitha. There are 2 relevant texts that Mimir showed me , but they are quite vague. Maybe I should start at their covenant – somewhere in the northernmost north
Some take away lessons:
- I need to broaden my formulaic spells’ inventory. Especially on the Intelego variety.
- If I want secrecy – I have to pick my companions myself. Can’t let Jean Michelle do it. He brought along Agi. There goes my secrecy… In fact, I think I shouldn’t have taken Jean Michelle either. Better have someone “plain” such as one of the two big guys from Laxy and this hunter fellow – killbill or something. He is much more secretive and they are much less rememberable.


Philip's Diary

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