Philip's notebook

keeps track of Flambou maguses and gifted people outside the order


The main idea is to keep notes on magן he fought (or saw fighting) in (or out of) competitions. That way, if he has to face them – he may use this info to win against them.

  • Robert – A strong magus. Moderately fast, likes Fire. Used “leap of the magi” to get away from my spell (in dimicato). Maybe a mentem spell would work better.
  • Tranquillina Bonisagi, filia Maximianus – should be strong, but she’s slow.
  • Hustass – An arrogant flambou magus who declared himself hostile to the covenant. Belongs to the school of Apromor. Didn’t refrain from harming a hermetic magus and interfering with the mundane to achieve his goals.
    Later he kidnapped Memir to force us into helping him get some information on how to slay dragons.

The second list he maintains is a list of gifted people he wants to bring into the order.

  • Ragnvld Godredsson – King of Mann. Uses rune magic! might belong to the order of Odin.
  • Olafr Godredsson – The king’s brother. Used rune magic on Donan. Might belong to the order of Odin.
  • Odin’s cleric in Peel – Uses rune magic during pagan holy ceremonies. Might belong to Odin’s order.
  • Gruagach named Liam the badger. He is from the island of sky and is a friend of the island’s dragon.
  • Godred – The son of the king of Mann. Not sure if he’s gifted, but he has the potential as he comes from a dinasty of gifted people (his father, his uncle and more “up the line”)

The third list is of gifted people he brought into the order.

  • Dilana Scottish boy from a village called Minigaf. He’s one of the “children of the drowned” in his village, but he is gifted. He was born in 1216, a year after his father drowned. He came with Gilno to our covenant and he wants to become a Magus. he’s too young now, but he might become Gilno’s apprentice in due time.
  • helgaA “witch” from Gomt – a village close to Skogn, where Alfonso and Tabitha disappeared. Her brother seems to be a wolf-man or something like that. Apparently she lives in the woods, in a hut located about an hour north-north-west of Skogn. Rumors say she’s talking to demons/ghosts/devils. We talked to her. She seems quite satisfied with her life and doesn’t want to join the order. She might join in order to cure her man-wolf brother. During the conclusion of Philip’s adventure, she was badly wounded by her wolf-brother and we had to take both with us, and escape. We left her at Heoroth, to join the order.
  • Memir A gifted child in the vilage of Cleadale, on the Isle of Eigg. We saved him and he’s going to join the order.

Philip's notebook

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