Samhach Creag Scroll

The path to Samhach Creag


This scroll is bound by an exterior piece of parchment. The parchment reads:
The following scroll was sent by Helen of Mercere and arrived at our House in the autumn of 956 AD (probably a few months after it was sent). Helen herself never returned from the Isle of Man. According to the reports of Finn yn Droiadh, she left Samhach Creag by boat carrying the forementioned summae.
Finn report also contains a calim of the monks at Maughold, according to which, a huge aquatic beast, spouting water from it’s back, devoured a small boat, probably the boat of Helen. There were no survivors, as the boat was swallowed whole.
The original report of Finn was not found by the author of this note, but its content has been dictated to him by the keeper of the archives.
Douglas follower of Mercere, 957 AD

The inner scroll reads:
To access Samhach Creag, I took the advice of the covenant’s leader, Finn yn Droiadh, and sailed directly from the west coast harbor of Loch na h-Airde. Though quite far from the Isle of Man, urgent matters at Rubha an Dùnain forced me to take upon me this journey. However, the sailing along the alban coast was quite pleasent. It was near the Isle of Man that my crewmembers started talking in terror of the mythological Leviathan. It is because of this that they decided to withhold all rowing and sailing at night and proceed only at day, as they believed that the beast lied beneath the sea during wake hours.All this slowed our journey yet not to a troublesome pace. All in all, we arrived at the Samhach Creag’s lighthouse a day later than I expectd.
The access to Samhach Creag is quite easy through the northern bay of the Isle. The bay itself is empty, save for the covenant and its lighthouse, yet the watchful guards are always ready to help with the docking of visitors. I do suppose that a traveler seeking the bay and losing its way at sea will be able to witness the Lighthouse from afar (though our day expedition left me with no way to ensure this).
I should note, and will copy this to the ledger archive, that Finn asked me to write down both the amounts of vis he extracts from the Barnacle Tree, located at the bay and the vis he is planning on extracting from a dragon’s lair at Mt. Snaefell.
Furthermore, I receieved a small peculiar gift from Finn- it is a miniature hermetic summae, the size of my little fineger’s nail. According to Finn, his handyman procured it from a manx family, trading quite a generous amount of money for it. The family resides near Niarbyl Bay.

Helen follower of Mercere, 956 AD

Samhach Creag Scroll

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