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  • Grayforest Covenant

    Greyforest covenant is one of the strongest covenants in the Hibernine Tribunal. The covenant is a relatively large castle in the Kingdom of Counnaght (central-western Ireland). The founders of Greyforest had to fight with faeries for the possession of …

  • Samhach Creag

    The only apparent remanents of the old covenant are the charred remains of the old lighthouse. However, under a strange oval rock a pit is still full with scrolls, books and the gruesome remains of the dead magi.

  • Vivamus sodales

    * [[secunda tabula conventus | Secunda Tabula Conventus]] (Second covenant meeting) ******************* *The first official magi council of our covenant took place on mid-summer eve, in 1220. The following was decided:* * A line of action that …

  • Burroo Ned

    [[File:382691 | class=media-item-align-left | 240x420px | 41352.jpg]]Burron Ned is a green hill on the south west coast of the island. It is surronded by an ancient ruined stone wall. The fishermen from Port Erin gather there at the end of a long fishing …

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