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  • Aggie McBlair (died)

    h4. Appearance: Aggie is an immense woman, both in height and girth. She wears her red hair in two braids, reaching her shoulders. Her helmet almost completely covers her big dark brown eyes. Though huge herself (1.8 meters- 6 feet) her armor seems …

  • Gawain

    A specialist in single weapon fighting that befriended Gilno during the time he spent in Rushen Abbey. Went with him on the adventure "To the aid of Aedh":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/mann-saga/adventure-log/aiding-aedh-1

  • Dugal (Duff the tough)

    Lives in the village next to the covenant. His sister vanished in a faerie regio, and Duff went to the rescue (with Daire, Roch and Rolof). He was really impressed by Daire, and wants to work in the covenant. Also, he was really intrigued by the …

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