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  • Champions Portion

    Gilno won the Champions portion in Bricriu's Feast. Although it is a magical object, no one bothered yet to check its properties.

  • Banner of Turgesius

    It is well known that viking lords carried magically imbued standards to battle in order to raise the moral of their soldiers. Some famous banners are the crow banner of Ivar the boneless and the banner of Sigurd the Stout of Orkney. According to …

  • Hair of Margynwg

    The first christian to be buried on Man was a young girl named Margynwg, c. 600AD. She was buried in an ancient Druidic grove on Mout Murray. Near her grave the first christian chapel was constructed, but it was later turned into a Viking keeill, and the …

  • Sword of Æthelwulf

    Æthelwulf was one of the captains of Edwin of Northumbria who conquered the Isle of Man in 620AD. Æthelwulf died on man and was buried with his magical sword "Durminiog" (literally "sharp steel") in an unknown location.

  • St. German's Boat

    !(media-item-align-left)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/307446/Rembrandt_Rembrandt_Christ_In_The_Storm_On_The_Sea_Of_Galilee.jpg?1395055479(Rembrandt_Rembrandt_Christ_In_The_Storm_On_The_Sea_Of_Galilee.jpg)!Legend has it the St. Patrick blessed St. …

  • Odda's Distaff

    Odda was a powerful volva, and wife of [[Turgesius | Turgesius]]. She was buried with all her belongings somewhere on the isles. Like all Norse volvas she was buried with all her belongings - jewelry, furs and dresses, and her professional objects of …

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