Godred Crovan


Gorree Crovan in manx, and usually refered to as King Orry.
Godred Crovan was one of the greatest kings of the isle of man.
Godred was a son of Óláfr Sigtryggsson and a descendant of Ivar the Boneless.
In 1079, the Chronicles of Mann say that Godred invaded the Isle of Man three times:

“In the year 1079, Godred Crovan collected a number of ships and came to Mann; he gave battle to the natives but was defeated, and forced to fly. Again he assembled an army and a fleet, came to Mann, encountered the Manxmen, was defeated and put to fight. A third time he collected a numerous body of followers, came by night to the port called Ramsey, and concealed 300 men in a wood, on the sloping brow of a hill called Sky Hill. At daylight the men of Mann drew up in order of battle, and, with a mighty rush, encountered Godred. During the heat of the contest the 300 men, rising from the ambuscade in the rear, threw the Manxmen into disorder, and compelled them to fly.”

King Orry was the founder and executioner of the great engineering project- King Orry’s Road.

In 1094 Godred was driven out of Dublin by Muircheartach Ua Briain. He died the following year, “of pestilence” according the Annals of the Four Masters, on Islay. According to tradition a standing stone at Carragh Bhàn just north of Loch Finlaggan marks his grave. An alternative location for his burial is the Clach Goraidh Crobhan stone near Kintra.

Godred Crovan

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