Olafr Godredsson

Óláfr Godredsson, known as Olaf the Black, is the religious, cruel half-brother of King Ragnold. Though he was supposed to become king when their father died, the nobles of Man chose his bastard-brother over him.
Olaf married Margaret MacFhionghuin a noblewoman of Mull in 1195. She gave birth to two sons — Leod (progenitor of the MacLeod clan), and Gunnr (progenitor of clan Gunnr) — but she died in 1204, giving birth to Gunnr.

In 1208, after Olafr wanted more land for himself, he was seized by the king and was sent as prisoner to Scotland. He was held prisoner for six years until the death of William I king of the Scots in 1214. While in prison Olafr turned into a very religious man, and on his release, after meeting his brother the king, he left with a group of nobles on a pilgrimage to Spain. On his return he was given Lewis as his domain.

In 1220, Olafr had to marry Laun, the queen’s sister, and daughter of the Lord of Kintyre. In 1222 however, Archbishop Reginald nullifies his marriage to Laun. Olafr then marries Christina, daughter of Ferchar mac an t-sagairt, the newly appointed Earl of Ross, and close friend of Alexander II of Scotland.

Oláfr’s separation from Laun enraged her sister the queen, who secretly wrote under Ragnold’s name to their son, Gofraid, ordering him to seize and kill Óláfr. Prince Gofraid dutifully gathered a force on Skye and proceeded to Lewis, where he laid waste to most of the island. Óláfr however, narrowly escaped with a few men, and fled to the protection of his father-in-law, on the mainland in Ross. Óláfr was followed into exile by Páll Bálkason, a sheriff on Skye who refused to take up arms against Óláfr.

Olafr visited Avius Cunlis in 1220, when he was still Lord of Lewis, and asked us to check out Calabais

Father: Godred Olafsson
Mother: Finguala of Cenél nEógain
Spouse: 1. Margaret of Mull; 2. Laun of Kintyre; 3. Christina of Ross
Children: Leod, Gunnr, Harald, Reginald, Magnus, Godred

Olafr Godredsson

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