Our Sources of Vis

The Magic Mushrooms from Bolan Point
Regenerates at a rate of 1 pawn per season, and up to a maximum of 4 pawns if not collected. The mushrooms have to be picked on full moon nights.
Vis type: Herbam or Imaginm

The Ducklings of the Bernacle Tree
The ducks emerge once a year in autumn. In a good year about 12 pawns can be extracted from them. Unfortunately we do not yet know how to extract the vis from the living ducks, and anyway, King Ragnold forbids us from going anywhere near the damn tree.
Vis type: Animal and Aquam

Vains of Magic in our Main Cavern
The metalic vains of silver and gold regenerate 4 pawns of vis that can be extracted every winter.
Vis type: Ignem or Terram

The special fish at Bolan Point
Some of the bolan(?) fish next to Bolan Point have a special bone in their head, and contains vis. We do not know how much vis it contains or how to find those fish.

The Fairy Lamb
Occasionally a sheep would give birth to a red lamb. This lamb is considered holy/special/fortunate and if we understood it correctly, it has something to do with vis which you can get by slaughtering the poor thing and collecting his blood. This lamb is sacrificed during the ceremony of the Nordic new year (Yule). Both the great priest of Odin and the king are running the ceremony. We can collect the blood from the soaked dirt with the help of Lorrance. There is 10 Animal vis in the blood. (-30%)

Bjorn’s Herd and Finiduri’s Herd
The horns of the male sheep leader holds 6 Rego and 6 Animal pawns of Vis. It is not regenerating, and if we cut the horns they don’t grow back, and its very painful for the poor sheep. The placentas of new born sheep holds 3 Creo pawns of Vis per year.

Rampi-Cat Tails
On the night right after All-Hallows, the Magus has to find the tails of a rampi-cat. A rampi cat is a Manx wild cat (stampi-Cat) that has no tail. According to Lorance these cats may be able to speak human tongue and can become invisible. On that night the cat-mothers cut off the tails of their kittens, and each tails contain 1 Animal and 1 Imaginm pawns of vis (-50%)

Some of the Ospray eagles can speak the human tongue. When these Osprays migrate out of Man in the beginning of winter, the Magi can find feathers left in their nests. The feathers contains 10 Auram vis pawns. Another option is hunting the Ospray and plucking out its eyes which contain 6 Intellego vis. Lurrance suggests not to hunt more than one bird a year. (-50%)

Water from St. Mughol’s Well
Once a year at the celebrations of St. Moghul on the 25th of April, the Magi can draw one bucket of water from the well at the church courtyard. In the water are 10 Aquam of divine vis (-50%). Lurrance can give us 5 non-divine vis in return for our 50%.

Our Sources of Vis

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