Recent Historical Events

Man and the Isles: King Godred Olafsson dies on St. Patricks isle, and his son Ragnold becomes King of the Isles. Godred intended his younger son Óláfr to be king, but as he was still a child, the Manx nobles chose Ragnold instead.
Scotland: In Ross, Scotland, Lochlann of Galloway, leading the army of William I of Scotland, finally crushes a 6 years rebellion by the Meic Uilleim clan.
Other places: In the east, Jerusalem surrenders to Saladin and calls for a new crusade swept Europe.

Ireland: John de Courcy invades Connacht, but defeated.

Ireland: John de Coursy raids Armagh.
Angevin Empire: In France war breaks out between Henry II of England and Philip II of France allied with Henry’s son, Richard. Henry dies of disease that same year, and Richard I the Lion-heart becomes king of England.
Jews are massacred in London and York

Angevin Empire:: King Richard leaves for the Third Crusade. He leaves his chancellor Bishop Hugh de Puiset and Bishop William Longchamp to rule the Kingdom while he is gone.

England: John, Richard’s younger brother, takes over London by force of Arms

The East: Richard and Saladin sign a 3 years truce, and Richard starts his way home to England. In December, he is taken prisoner by Leopold V the Duke of Austria who was then excommunicated for poisoning a crusader.

Wales: Ragnold lends military aid to Rhodri ab Owain, Prince of Gwynedd, who regained Anglesey from his rivals. At the same year Ragnold’s daughter, Gunnteria, marries Rhodri.
Angevin Empire: John allies with Philip of France, and together they take over Richard’s lands in France. In England conflict erupts between supporters of Richard and Supporters of John. Meanwhile, Richard the Lion-heart is handed over to the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry VI.

Angevin Empire: Richard is released after his supporters pay his ransom, and returns to England. John flees to Normandy, but Richard finds him there. They talk as brothers and Richard, although stripping John from all his titles, forgives him for his errors.

Wales: Rhodri ab Owain dies. Ragnold begins arrangements to marry Gunnteria, his daughter and Rhodri’s widow, to Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, the rising powerful Prince of Gwynedd.
Angevin Empire: In France, Richard and John make advancements, taking back their lands from Philip II of France. Johns campaigns were so successful that Richard gave him his titles back.

1196 – William I, King of the Scots, launches an expedition into Ross to subdue the rebellious MacHeths clan.

1199 – Richard the Lionheart dies in battle. His brother, John Lackland becomes King of England.

1200 – Upon reaching age, Óláfr receives the island of Harris as his domain. This is a mountainous island, unsuitable for cultivation, and Óláfr led a sorry life.
In northern Scotland, Harald Maddadsson the Earl of Orkney, sets his eyes on Ross and allies with the MacHeths starting a new rebellion. King William of Scotland invades Ross, while King Ragnold, his ally, invades Caithness at his request with an army he raised from Ireland. With the coming of winter, Ragnold returned to the Isles, and Harald retook caithness.

1201 – William of Scotland sets out into Caithness with a large force. Harald surrenders without a fight.

1202 – Óláfr raids a band of Icelanders who had to make landfall at the tiny island of Sanday, after a severe storm. Among the Icelanders was the Icelandic Bishop Gudmundur Arason

1204 – Hugh de Lacy, son of the Earl of Ulster wages war against John de Courcy and defeats him. Later King John of England grants Hugh all the lands de Coursy owned in Ulster
1205 – The pope cancels the marriage of Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, Prince of Gwynedd with Ragnold’s daughter Gunnteria. Llywelyn them marries Joan of England, daughter of King John. That same year, John of England declares taking Ragnold under his protection.
Ragnold joins his ally, John de Courcy, with 100 warships to attempt an attack on Hugh de Lacy in Dundrum Castle in Ulster. They are defeated when Walter de Lacy brings reinforcements. Following this battle, John de Courcy is imprisoned in England, and dies in obscurity a few years later.

1206 – Harald of Orkney dies of old age. Ragnolds travels to England to meet King John. They spend Easter together…

1208 – Ragnold confronted by Óláfr for more lands. In response, Ragnold had him seized and imprisoned by William I, King of Scots. In England, a strife opens between de Braoses and King John. The king confiscates all their lands, and they flee to Ireland, where they take shelter with de Lacys.

1209 – There are rumors that a military expedition from Norway to the Isles is in preparation because the King of the Isles had not paid his taxes due to the Norwegian king. King John of England marched an army to Scotland, and William I pay him tribute.

1210 – In early summer a Norwegian fleet arrives at the Hebrides. Iona is pillaged. In the consequent months the Isles were ravaged until Ragnold travelled to Norway and reconciled with King Ingi Bárðarson. This is why Ragnold was not home to protect his island from John of England.
King John of England sails to Ireland and attacks Carrickfergus castle where William de Braose, his wife and family, were harbored by the de Lacys; However, they escaped and fled to Scotland. On the way there, de Braoses took three days refuge in Man. They were later captured in Galloway, by Donnchad, Earl of Carrick. When King John learned that they took refuge in Man, he sent his troops from Ireland to ravage and pillage the island for four days. Following these events Ragnold was forced to sign an alliance with King John, letting him use the island as a base of operations in the Irish Sea board.

1212 – Ragnold travels to England and declares his liege to King John. The two bound themselves to protect each other lands in Ireland and in the Isles, from whatever enemy. Prince Alexander of Scotland married Princess Joan of England.

1214 – William I of Scotland died and was succeeded by his son Alexander II. Olafr is released from prison, and makes peace with his brother. He then sets out on a pilgrimage with a significant number of noblemen to the shrine of St James at Santiago de Compostela in Spain. When he returns, Ragnold grants him the islands of Lewis and Skye.

1216 – King John of England dies. He is succeeded by his son Henry III. Ragnold, abusing the state of the English Kingdom under a boy-king, sets out to raid English towns on coastal Ireland and England.

1217 – Bishop of the Isles, Nicholas II died. Two candidates vied for the vacant position—Nicholas of Meaux and Reginald the king’s cousin. The monks of Furness Abbey had elected Nicholas as Bishop of the Isles, as was their right, but Nicholas received opposition from the ruling family of the Isles, and Reginald took the see. In Norway, Hakon wins the civil war and takes the throne.

1218 – Under threats from Henry III, Ragnold sails to England to submit, explain himself, and pay homage to King Henry III.

1219 – In autumn, Ragnold visits London where he surrendered Mann to Pandulf, Bishop of Norwich, who was the papal legate on behalf of Pope Honorius III. Ragnold swore to perform homage for the island, and to pay tribute to the pope. At the same visit Ragnold and Henry of England also sign a defensive alliance.

1220 – Ragnold arranged Olafr to marry Laun, Queen Katla’s sister, strengthening his alliances with their father, Ruaidhri mac Ragnall of clan Somhairle the Lord of Kintyre.

1222 – Archbishop Reginald, by request from Olafr, nullifies his marriage to Laun. Olafr then marries Christina, daughter of Ferchar mac an t-sagairt, the newly appointed Earl of Ross, and close friend of Alexander II of Scotland.
Oláfr’s separation from Lauon enraged her sister the queen, who secretly wrote under Rögnvaldr’s name to their son, Gofraid, ordering him to seize and kill Óláfr. Prince Gofraid dutifully gathered a force on Skye and proceeded to Lewis, where he laid waste to most of the island. Óláfr however, narrowly escaped with a few men, and fled to the protection of his father-in-law, on the mainland in Ross. Óláfr was followed into exile by Páll Bálkason, a sheriff on Skye who refused to take up arms against Óláfr.

1223 – Olafr and Pall landed on Skye and learned that Gofraid was stationed on St. Columba’s Island. After surrounding the island, Óláfr and Páll’s forces launched a successful assault on Gofraid’s men, and put to death everyone who was captured outside the church-enclosure. Prince Gofraid himself, was seized, blinded, and castrated.

Recent Historical Events

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