The Round Tower of Stuama

zpi_rt1.jpg“Hear what I tell thee for you cannot escape your destiny! I see a small Island with larger ones on either side. Very near to this island, on the sunset side of it, a smaller isle grows abruptly out of the water. It is indeed a very small isle. Should a grown man walk along its shores for an hour, surround it he will four times and more. Though it is grey to look upon from sea, this rock-island is blessed and is green on the top. Here me now for I command thee, Stuama of Belfast: Go, build you a round tower to dwell in on this island and live there. I warn you! never leave it for this will be your ruin.
You will know it is the right isle when you see it, but make no haste to build your home. Not until you see 3 moons vanish on the island will you build it. And if you choose well, you will be granted great wisdom and many a gift.”

Upon hearing that prophecy (923 AD), Stuama set sail and made a daring voyage for 13 years. Alas, she could not find that Isle. Sad, defeated and very sick she sailed back home. On the way, out of her feverish dream she suddenly saw clearly an island, with a small grey isle right next to it. She shouted and commanded to stop the boat, but no one could understand her. In her agony she jumped into the water and was barely rescued…
After almost 7 months living on this rock-isle, during half of them she was to sick to watch the moon, she finally got well and decided where to build the tower. The very next day, a special magical and mysterious necklace was found. No one knows how it got there as the isle was never inhabited. The round table was built, and the necklace is passed on from tower’s matron to tower’s matron. It is said to have great virtues of wisdom and healing, though no one knows exactly. It is told that ever since then, the tower’s matron, always a woman, is called Stuama, and is often consulted by the people of Mann.

Later, the castle of peel was built on the isle, and now it protects the tower as well.

Stuama, the mother-superior of the tower, is a woman in her mid forties, at least judged by her looks. She always wear the Stuama’s necklace and is said to have gone to Niurin quite a few times. She is considered very generous and loved by the poor, although some folks, mainly on the east side of the island of man speak of her with some fear. If they speak of her. Still, she is considered very knowledgeable and her prophecies and advices will never be disregarded. Recently, though, it seems she is not favored by the king, but no one really knows why. Also, sick and injured people come to her quite often.

Connection to our Themes:
- Mythic Man. As mentioned, Stuama has gone to Niurin, and it seems she gives a magical sensation, even if not the appalling feeling of a gifted person. In addition, the whole place has a mystical feeling to it – the colors seem more vivid, the sounds are clearer, etc.
- Brotherly war – It is whispered that the reason for the recent king’s dislike of Stuama is connected with a prophecy she gave him regarding his son and his older brother.

The place ambiance
Wisdom and knowledge seem to fill the air in the tower. There is also a magical ting in it, despite the proximity of St. German Cathedral.

The Round Tower of Stuama

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