Vivamus sodales

The first official magi council of our covenant took place on mid-summer eve, in 1220.
The following was decided:

  • A line of action that may put the whole covenant at risk (such as fighting the dragon, disobeying the king, etc.) must be approved by the head of the covenant.
  • Each year, during the annual meeting (when casting the Aegis):
    - The covenant head can be challenged and replaced – if the majority of the covenant magi decides so.
    - The magi will update each other in what news they think appropriate (about the island, major developments, relevant personal achievements, etc.).
    - The seasons each magus has to devote to the covenant will be decided (preferably up to one season a year)
  • Gilno ex Bonisagus, Magus Trianomae will be the head of our covenant.
  • Loot gained during an adventure belongs to the adventurous magus.
  • There is no “covenant VIS”. All VIS obtained will be divided among the magi. If need arises (for example, when casting the Aegis) – ?
  • If two magi wants to use the same resource at the same time, they will work it out. If they can’t agree, the covenant head will decide what’s best for the covenant.
  • Jean Michelle de Bordeaux (known as “Jean Michelle de Bordeaux”) will be the head of guards.
    - His first assignment is to build a guarding force of 10-12 guards, including the grogs we already have.
    - A magus who wants a grog to accompany him must first ask Jean.
    - He must make it clear to the guards that not all the loot they get on adventures will remain theirs.
  • Donnan Hoppringle of House Verditius (“Donnan”) is going to make enchanted items for the covenant. Suggestions are welcome. Suggestions so far: some medical thingy, a device to detect/explore Auras, a device to detect/explore VIS.


  • The covenant has an opponent. Eustace of house Flambou threatened to get even with Gilno.
  • The covenant has an injured-covenantless-maga staying. Gilno and Daniel rescued her from Eustas.
  • There is a portal to Fairyland in the meeting room.
  • It seems that the “order of Odin” is (was?) active in the island. Apparently all 3 past covenants on the island suffered somehow from the order. The Order of Hermes is greatly interested and might march to war!
  • The mushrooms’ VIS (from the shrinking cave) needs to be picked during a full moon night.
  • When staying long in the cave, one stays shrunken for a while even after getting out.

Vivamus sodales

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