Daire of House Merinita

This handsome magus in green robes will turn and flee if you try to open a conversation


Daire was born near Cill Chainnigh, in Leister. The town, known today as Kilkenny, is situated in south east Ireland. His family was killed by a werewolf when he was still a baby, but he was rescued by the fairy wizard-lord Lin Drumdeen, lord of Drumdowney Hill who was hunting for the same werewolf at that time.

For an unknown number of years Daire (that is the name given to him by the fairies) grew up with Lin and his wife Banb. Though he was meant to serve as a slave at first, Lin’s wife loved him like a son, and his lycanthropy was a gift in the eyes of Lin. His older foster brother, Roch, became his best friend and they spent a long time playing together in the unending twisting corridors of Drumdowney Castle. When Daire was old enough he accompanied his fairy father and brother on hunts and excursions in fairyland and even out of it. As years passed Lin noticed that Daire possessed what the humans call “The Gift”. As Lin was a wizard too, he worked with Daire and taught him the first steps of manipulating and controlling magic. These “hedge wizardry” lessons will later aid Daire in his apprenticeship on the one hand, but on the other will put him under the suspicion and scrutiny of other Magi.

When King Mannanan heard of the “gifted” human child living in Drumdowney, he did not approve. He ordered Lin to send the boy back to the world of the humans. Lin did not like it but he had no choice, yet it was Banb who found it even harder to lose her human-son. Eventually, Lin and Banb decided to send Roch and Daire together, to watch after each-other in the world of humans.

And so, in the year 1205 two young kids were left on the doorstep of St. Cermein Orphange in Cill Channigh. One was 9 and the other 11. Though they looked nothing a-like they claimed to be brothers. Both did not speak much – they had speech impairment or were just bad with the common tongue. Some of the nuns believed they were probably left by Spanish sailors because they had a strange accent!
The younger boy, Daire, remained shy, non-talkative and secretive. The nuns at the orphanage were sometimes scared of him and sometimes pitying him. Sister Lana, head of the Orphanage, called him child of Satan and used to bit him up occasionally, while the other sisters were more kind, though they used to laugh that he was a fairy changeling. The other kids at the orphanage stayed away from him, and it was only thanks to Roch, that they didn’t turn him into their object of childish abuse.
Roch was a different story. He quickly gained and improved his language. He was funny, mischievous, and the other kids liked and respected him. He was excelling in everything he did and in all lessons taught in the orphanage.

About 10 month after the two boys were brought to the orphanage, the town was struck with panic! Rumors of a werewolf stalking the streets at full moon were spreading. Just as Roch and Daire were planning an escape, Sister Lana decided it will be safer to close down the orphanage. The kids were scattered between monasteries, foster families and other orphanages.

That day an old lady showed up with a group of well armed men. One of the men had a very short discussion with Sister Lana. He pointed at Daire, than at the old lady, than at Daire again. Sister Lana seemed very displeased when the man walked up to the shocked Daire and Roch, grabed them both – each in one arm – and dropped them to the ground at the face of the old lady.
“Hello Daire and Roch MacLin.” The old lady said with a smile, “my name is Aurnia. Im a Maga of House Merinita and and this is my companion MacAungus. We are taking you with us to Grayforest”.

After a few days march, the boys were standing on a hill. Bellow them in the distance was a sprawling forest with a castle right in its center. When the road entered the forest the Maga turned to the boys. “Tell me Roch McLin, what do you see around you?”
“I see a forest… green shrubs, and trees and birds…” Roch answered
“And you, Daire, what do you see.” Asked Aurnia
“I see a forest. But it’s dead. It’s all gray and dull. It makes me sad.” Daire answered.
“Show them their quarters in the covenant MacAungus, it is time to start the training.”

In the next 15 years Daire became the aperentice of Lady Aurnia. His lessons with Lin Drumdeen were not forgotten, and with much dis-aprovment from the other Magi of the Grayforest covenant, Aurnia encouraged him to use his “hedge wizardry” and incorporate it in his hermetic studies.

Today Daire is an accomplished wizard of house Merinita. He dresses like the druids of old, with a green cloak on white tunic. He carries a staff of oak wood. His face is handsome, and his hair is braided. But when you try to talk to him, he stares into the ground and mumbles incoherently. In other cases, especially with women, he will turn and flee in shame.

Sigil: all spells cast by Daire are accompanied by a few seconds or a minute of spring aura in the affected area – flowers bloom, birds sing, insects buzz, leaves turn green etc.

Daire of House Merinita

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