Die Scripturam Furentis

A tractatus on rune alphabet, quality 10


Writings of the Madman
Rune Alphabet


The vitkir learned to apply their knowledge of the runes to craft spells and magical effects, by using their Gift to draw upon the inherent power of each rune. These runes are inscribed onto a target using a special rune script that changes the nature of that target to conform to the qualities of the rune.
Because the runes create a natural effect, the target of the rune spell is not considered a magical thing, and does not trigger Magic Resistance. A target with Magic Resistance can still resist the effects, but once the effect has manifested, it becomes a real thing. This means that a sword marked with runes for causing great damage is not a magical sword for the purposes of penetrating Might, and an animal summoned with the magic of the runes is a real animal that can attack a person who would otherwise be safe because of his Magic Resistance.
Rune magic still causes Warping to a target over time, even though its effects seem natural, as a consequence of being exposed to a constant magical effect.
The runes also create a connection to the vitki who inscribes them. This is similar to the effect of the Hermetic spell Opening the Intangible Tunnel.
To use their runes, vitkir must first invent a rune script. This is a formula that the vitki develops ahead of time and follows to produce a magical effect, very similar to the formulaic spells of Hermetic magi.
There are different methods that they can use for each of their rune scripts, each of which includes the vitki’s name, and also a description of the effect, the target of the effect, or both.

Die Scripturam Furentis

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