Gofraid ua Ímair

Gofraid ua Ímair, (Old Norse: Guðrøðr) (d. 934) was a Norse-Gael king of Dublin and, for a short time, king of Northumbria. “A most cruel king of the Norsemen”, Gofraid was one of the grandsons of Ímar, the dynasty is known as the Uí Ímair, and along with his kinsmen Sihtric Cáech and Ragnall, he was active in Ireland and in northern Britain.

The first report of Gofraid after the return of the Uí Ímair is in 918, when he accompanied Ragnall’s expedition to Northumbria and fought at the battle of Corbridge against Constantín II and Ealdred son of Eadwulf. The battle allowed Ragnall to take power at York, where Sihtric succeeded him in 921. Gofraid then returned to Ireland to rule in Dublin, from where he sacked Armagh in 921, Limerick in 924, Osraige and Leinster in 930.

Sihtric Cáech died in 927, and Gofraid appears to have been chosen as king at York to succeed Sihtric, but within six months he was back in Dublin, having been driven out of Northumbria by King Æthelstan.

Gofraid died in 934. He was followed as king of Dublin by his son Amlaíb, and another son, Blácaire would also rule Dublin.

Gofraid ua Ímair

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