St. German Cathedral

Mann_Cathedral.jpgThe Monastery of St. German was established on the small isle of St. Patrick around the year 550. Legends and historians agree the first monks, led by St. German from Ireland, were disciples of St. Patrick himself.
Around 950 the Tower of Stuama was built next to the monastery.
Later, in the 11th century, the viking lords of Man constructed Peel Castle around the monastery and tower. Along with the castle three chapels (Keeills) were built – St. Patrick’s, St. Peter’s, and St. Dachonna’s.
Works on St. German’s Monastery began not many years ago, in order to turn the old monastery and surrounding churches into the only Cathedral on Man, and the intended seat of the Bishop of Sodor and Man. The small island than, is not only protected by the formidable red sandstone castle, but also by divine establishments and persona. Though St. German’s Cathedral “belongs” to Bishop Reginald (the sly) in theory, the bishop spends most of his time at Bishopscourt (in Michael parish), and most of the day-to-day operations are performed by Brother Seamus Flannagan, a Culdee priest.

The Cathedral has a dominion aura of 7
The Keeill of St. Dachonna has a dominion Aura of 8

The remains of St. Dachonna, bishop of Condere Connor are enshrined in a small keeill attached to St. German’s Cathedral (a relic with 1 Faith Point)
St Germans Boat – Magical Item

Br. Seamus Flannagan – a culdee priest. He looks after the cathedral, and tends the Keeills. He is an elderly, kindly man with a deep personal faith (True Faith). Although a very busy man, he always makes an effort to talk to anyone new visiting the shrine.

St. German Cathedral

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