The Library

Books on Arts:

Name Language Ability/Art Author Type Level Quality
Qui Naturales Ab Utili (From Natural Object to a Useful One) Latin Muto Aileran of Veriditus Summae (Art) 10 15
Ad Figurant Formas Creationem (To Shape the Forms of Creation) Latin Creo Jacinta of Merinita Summae (Art) 10 15
De Fonte Potentiae (The Fountain Of Power) Latin1 Vim Constantite ex Bonisagus Tractatus 11
Cinis In Cinerem, Pulvis In Pulverem (Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust) Latin1 Perdo Roger of Flambeu Tractatus 11
De Memoria et Reminiscentia Latin Mentem Aristotle, tranlated by Boethius Summae (Art) 10 15
Qui Nos Ambit Terram (The Earth that Surrounds Us) Latin Terram Etromma of Tremere Summae (Art) 14 9
Quinquaginta Condidit Umbris Rego (Fifty Shades of Control) Latin Rego Grey ex Tremere Summae (Art) 14 9

Books on Abilities:

Name Language Ability/Art Author Type Level Quality
Amicis et Inimicis in Paradiso Voluptatis (Friends and Foes in the Garden of Eden) Latin1 Sense Holiness and Unholiness St. Cainneach, traslatedby John the Just Summae (Ability) 4 9
Quomodo Populum Parvum Faciunt Umbras Magnum (How Small People Make Big Shadows) Latin Fairy Magic Jacinta of Merinita Summae (Ability) 4 9
Chronica Regum Manniae et Insularum (Chronicles of the Kings of Man and the Isles) Latin Man and the Isles Lore Monks of Rushen Abbey2 Summae (Ability) 5 10
Die Scripturam Furentis Latin1 Rune magic theory Roger of Flambeau Tractatus 10
Effectus Magicam Potentem ad Mutatae (Effects of Powerful Magic on Warping) Latin1 Magic Theory Constantine of Bonisagus Tractatus 10
Timebis augurium (Thou shalt fear no sorcery) Latin1 Parma Magica Constantite ex Bonisagus Summae (ability) 4 15
Bolan Point Chronicles Latin magic theory Roger of house flambeau tractatus 10
The sword of Eric the Viking5 SWORD Rune magic theory Eric the viking tractatus 10
3 Latin magic theory Summae 2 15
34 Latin magic theory Tractatus 10
3 Latin Penetration Summae 3
Hermes in Nordic mythology34 Latin Magic Lore Alfonso and Tabitha Tractatus 11
On the Division and Unification of the Gifted34 Latin The Order of Hermes Trianomae Summae 4 11
Prose Edda3 Latin Nordic Mythology Summae 6 10
Ex Intimis Precordiorum Niurin (From the Depths of Niurin) Latin Fairy Lore Eamon ex Diedna Summae (Ability) 15 10
Dracones insulis (The Dragons of the Isles) Latin Magic Lore Colby Kneale of Diedna Tractatus (Ability) 10

Lab Texts:

Name Language Description Technique form Author Level
Aegis of the Hearth Latin1 Aegis of the Hearth rego vim Constantite ex Bonisagus 25
Swirl of Dust Latin rego terram Etromma of Tremere 5
Protectione Terre (Protection of the Earth) Latin Creates A Wall (And A Little Moat) From The Earth Around You. rego terram Etromma of Tremere 20
The Appropriate Garment Latin The spell allows the magus to change one item of garment he is touching muto animal Lenora of House Bjorner 10
Call to Wilderness Latin The target animal reverts to its feral and wild form, and throws off all its training and domestication, if any. muto animal Lenora of House Bjorner 15
Circle of Eternal Spring Latin This spell ensures that all plants within the circle grow well. creo herbam Emanuel of House Criamon 4
Bridge of Wood Latin Creates an ornate and exquisitely carved bridge made from living leaves, vines, and wood. creo herbam Emanuel of House Criamon 20
Jacinta’s speedy messenger Latin The caster turns a letter written on a parchment into a small bird that immediately begins the journey to its destination – the recipient rego animal Jacinta of Mercer 25
Thaumaturgical Transformation of Plants to Iron Latin Makes any plant, dead or alive, as hard as iron. Muto Herbam aa 20
Show of the Flames and Smoke Latin Causes smoke of different colors, streams of flame, and strange popping and sizzling noises to come from a fire. Muto Ignem aa 10
Taste of the Spices and Herbs Latin A setting’s worth of food or drink tastes
and smells exactly as you designate.
Muto Imaginem aa 5
View the Bound Earth Latin See a piece of earth or clay to which you have an arcane connection and its srroundings. Intellego Terram aa 25
Wielding the Invisible Sling latin Hurls nearby object at any target in range. ArM5 Rego Terram Philip ex Flambou 10
Hands of the Grasping Earth latin Earthen hands grasp the target’s ankles.
Rego Terram Philip ex Flambou 15
Wizards’ sidestep latin Your image appears 1 pace from where you are. ArM5 Rego Imaginem Philip ex Flambou 10
Lifting the Dancing Puppets latin Lifts person vertically. ArM5 Rego Corpus Philip ex Flambou 15
Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand latin 1 of the target’s hands spasms. ArM5 Rego Corpus Philip ex Flambou 5
Repel the Wooden Shafts latin Deflects a blow of wooden weapon. ArM5 Rego Herbam Philip ex Flambou 10
Dance of the Staves latin any “long-thin-non-living-wooden” object bends and lashes wildly. ArM5 Rego Herbam Philip ex Flambou 5
Air’s Ghostly Form latin thick fog forms around the magus. ArM5 Creo Auram Philip ex Flambou 5
Aura of Ennobled Presence latin Target seems more forceful, authoritative, believable. +3 to influence, lead, or convince. ArM5 Muto Imaginem Philip ex Flambou 10
The Earth’s Carbuncle latin in 1-pace circle jagged stones burst into the air. ArM5 Rego Terram Philip ex Flambou 15
Decay Fur and Hide latin Destroys an object made of animal fur or
hide ArM5
Perdo Animal Daire ex Merinita 10
Intuition of the Forest latin +3 to nature oriented rolls when in a forest . ArM5 Intellego Herbam Daire ex Merinita 10
Soothe the Ferocious Bear latin Calms an animal ArM5 Rego Animal Daire ex Merinita 10
Piercing Shaft of Wood latin Turn a piece of wood into a big arrow and hurls at a target .ArM5 Muto Herbam Daire ex Merinita 10
Transformation of the Thorny Staff latin Causes a length of wood to grow thorns ArM5 Muto Herbam Daire ex Merinita 10
Tangle of Wood and Thorns latin Captures a target ArM5 Rego Herbam Daire ex Merinita 15
Beast of Outlandish Size latin Changes the Size of an animal by +1 ArM5 Muto Animal Daire ex Merinita 15

1 This text is found in Bolan Point and needs to be copied or enlarged.

2 This text can be found at the Rushen Abbey Library

3 Books from Memir’s “library”, taken when he was rescued by Philip and Daire

4 Books from Philip’s collection. Anyone who wants them needs permission.

5 This sword was given to Fingal of Verditius

The Library

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